Small Things Have a Big Impact: Why Patients are the Most Important Part of Clinical Trials

What Happens during the Prescription Drug Discovery Phase?

  • Method of administration
  • Specific protein target
  • Therapeutic area

Preclinical Drug Development is a Two-Phase Process

Clinical Trials with Human Subjects

  • Using their feedback in the development of future studies that provide detailed and concise answers to questions regarding disease outcomes and the effectiveness of the IND on those outcomes.
  • Improved patient experiences with management of the disease the IND treats.
  • Practical operation components and the ability to get continual feedback based on patient experience.
  • Clinical operations personnel
  • Clinical scientists
  • Data management personnel
  • Medical and safety personnel
  • Regulatory personnel

How Clinical Trial Developers Can Improve Patient Recruitment



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Leen Kawas

Leen Kawas

Ph.D. in molecular pharmacology and entrepreneur