Pleased to Announce My Acceptance into the Forbes Business Council

Leen Kawas
2 min readOct 19, 2022

Recently, I was accepted into the Forbes Business Council, which I consider a significant achievement and an opportunity to grow as a professional and entrepreneur. The Council is renowned as an invite-only group that brings together business leaders to share their experiences with one another and help encourage networking and community. As a working mother dedicated to my family and career, I am looking forward to sharing my own insights with this esteemed group.

The Forbes Business Council has proven over the years to bring together a diverse group of leaders who represent a variety of strengths, from technology to management and customer engagement. To that end, participants in the Council benefit from making new connections who are interested in having discussions about like-minded topics with a variety of perspectives. I find this discourse engaging and welcoming to join in the conversations that are happening.

I am perhaps most eager to share my own experiences and how I have managed my achievements while also raising a family. Too often entrepreneurs think they must sacrifice one or the other in order to be successful. I have found that there are ways to balance having a family with pursuing one’s passions for business and leadership. I feel strongly about these matters and have taken to blogging about parenting, especially in our new post-pandemic climate, and what it means to be a working parent. As a member of the Council, I look forward to working with the editorial team at Forbes to continue to publish articles and panel discussions on the topics that matter the most to my business and career.

Joining the Council will not only offer me the chance to share but also will give me exclusive and coveted access to the advice and input of others. I firmly believe that we can all grow through collaboration and a willingness to continue to learn, an opportunity that the Council will afford in excess. Members are able to work with representatives from across their industries to attend virtual events, join interactive groups, and craft conversations that can help your business grow. My own firm, Propel Bio Partners, stands to benefit from my engagement on this platform as I work alongside thought leaders from across industries to nurture leadership skills and discover new topics for consideration.

I am honored to join the Forbes Business Council and this community of entrepreneurs. This collaboration will help me as an entrepreneur, inventor, and professional to continue to hone my skills and grow from the interactions with an extended peer network. I look forward to connecting with other working parents and leaders as well as female entrepreneurs who have made a name for themselves in their own industries.